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Buy now, pay later services have boomed in 2020 and into 2021. COVID-19 has forced people to think about how they spend and has resulted in increased online shopping.

The use of these services has increased as well, just look at Afterpay’s stock price after a dip in March. Zip Co, the company behind Zip Pay and Zip Money, have this year released a game changer in this space.

You may have seen their logo on online stores you’ve visited in the past, but for the smaller online retailer the cost of a web developer to implement this can seemingly outweigh the benefits. Zip have changed this.

Through the use of the Zip app you can now browse to your favourite store, even if they don’t support Zip Pay, add the products to your cart and get ready to check out. Here is where it gets a bit cool, The Zip app can now generate a single use credit card number that you add to your billing information during checkout to complete your purchase. From there the price is deducted from your Zip balance and added to your regular repayment schedule.

This now means those smaller online retailer’s can secure the sales from customers that opt for the buy now, pay later services without needing to add these merchant features to their existing site.

To create a seamless checkout we would still recommend signing up for these services and engaging your web developer to implement them. Solution 16 is available to discuss any E-Commerce Website needs you have.

Solution 16 enjoys the technology involved with this process but recommends assessing your personal financial situation before using buy now, pay later services.