Website Migration

Solution 16 are your friendly website migration professionals. Our client’s have needed to migrate hosts for many reasons including cost, performance and support. We’ve partnered with providers we believe are the best and have streamlined our processes to give to a stress free migration with minimal downtime. Combine this with our Managed Cloud Services and we’ll update your POP and IMAP email providers as well.

Managed Website Migration

Website Migration Inclusions

  • Complete Backup

    Dependant on the level of access you have and can provide, Solution 16 will take a complete backup of your existing website including website files, database, plugins and customer information to be preserved.

  • Local Restoration

    We then take that backup and restore it to a local environment ensuring that your site architecture, content and images have been captured correctly and are working as intended.

  • Page Verification

    Following the restoration our team carefully verify each page against your live website to make sure nothing was missed during the backup and restoration. If required, we'll make changes to ensure the missing information is restored.

  • Static Link and Image Checking

    After confirming all pages are present we'll work through your content to check for any static or "hard coded" links and images making sure these are updated to prevent broken links and images.

  • Server Upload

    When complete we'll move the files and database to your new server and run through the process again. At the stage we'll ask you to have a look just to make sure we haven't missed anything.

  • DNS Changes and Verification

    Once approved we will update your DNS records to reflect your brand new server and verify this is accessible from multiple locations using VPN technologies. This can sometimes take up to 48 hours.

Solution 16 is your dedicated Website Migration partner. We’ll help you move to a reliable solution without data loss or complications.